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    About Rachel

    From an early age, Rachel was definitely a fan of theatrics and art. The middle of two brothers who grew up building tree houses, swinging on rope swings and swimming in rivers, this deep-south native of Dothan, Alabama was asked if she knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. She replied, "I didn't think much about the possibility of acting at an early age. I was interested in what most 12 year olds were interested in, except that I was a little strange. I wrote and illustrated short stories and by 11 years old I wrote a novel about people who turned into cats at the hand of a wicked professor. My friends were mostly normal, but I was the 12-year-old girl who went and saw "Titanic" in the theaters seven times, alone, just to feel Rose's pain and cry quarts at the ending." Hendrix said she was "happy enough being voted Miss Congeniality in her 7th grade pageant, and didn't feel the need to win the beauty part." She was happy being in the limelight on her own terms and was cast in mostly insignificant parts in her high school plays. It wasn't until her senior year that Hendrix went from playing a crap-shooting man in "Guys and Dolls" to landing the lead role of Dorothy in the Spring musical production of "The Wizard of Oz." "The experience was amazing," she said, "but I almost threw up from a migraine after the curtain call the opening night. I know I did a good job, and I had a lot of fun, but in the end I wasn't all smiley and happy because my body had a totally different reaction." It was there that she realized even though she loved acting, she did not want to study theater in college.

    Wanting to get into cinematography, but unable to afford the high costs of film school, Hendrix attended The University of Montevallo where she received a BFA in photography. Before graduating college, she was introduced to filmmaker Kris Kimlin at a sushi restaurant and was asked if she would act in his short film, "Letting Go" which she agreed to. Having never done anything serious in front of the camera before, Hendrix said, "I thought he was a bit crazy just offering me the role like that. I had nothing to lose, though, so I gave it my all." Because of that role, she was discovered by long-time friend and collegue of Kimlin's, Jon Erwin, Co-Founder of Erwin Brothers' Films, who saw the film and noticed a "spark of freshness and honesty in her face". Since then, Hendrix has appeared in many short films, music videos and commercials with the Erwin Brothers. In 2008 Hendrix graduated and married Swiss musician Gabriel Trüb and moved to Switzerland putting her acting work on hold to focus on her marriage and build a photography business. However, the acting bug had already bitten and by 2009 Hendrix landed the lead in Halogen Network's TV pilot, ALUMNI

    Much of the ALUMNI cast re-united to film once again with the Brothers in their first feature film, "OCTOBER BABY" which released on March 23, 2012 in select theaters across the country. The film had the third highest per-screen average and closed at No. 8 in the nation for its opening weekend competing again "The Hunger Games" - one of the most successful Hollywood blockbuster openings ever - in more than 10 times as many theaters. Opening in a relatively modest 390 theaters, Samuel Goldwyn Films/Provident films "OCTOBER BABY" also strode grassroots support and word of mouth to a No. 1 ranting for limited-release movies.

    Since October Baby's release in 2012, Hendrix has appeared in over thirty projects including The Perfect Wave with Scott Eastwood and Cheryl Ladd, Allegiant starring Shailene Woodley and Naomi Watts, Semper Fi starring Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad, Divergent) and Virginia Minnesota opposite Aurora Perrineau set to release late February 2019. 

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    News + Updates

    March 2018: Official VIRGINIA MINNESOTA Trailer Releases: Watch The Trailer Here

    September 19, 2017: Hendrix's "The Staying Kind" premiers at Catalina Film Festival and starts its official festival run. Watch the trailer here:

    July 21, 2016: Hendrix is cast as lead in the feature film "Virginia Minnesota" written and directed by Daniel Stine. Shooting is scheduled to begin late August 2016.

    April 2016: Hendrix stars in a Whitestone Motion Picture short film, "The Man With the Golden Arm" opposite Jonathan Horne of Atlanta's own Romeo in the Shakespeare classic "Romeo & Juliet". Watch the full short film here.

    February 21, 2016: Hendrix joins cast of the feature film "Unbridled" starring Tea McKay and Eric Roberts. Watch the teaser trailer here.

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